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Knit Concern Printing Unit is situated at the industrial area of Narayangonj and the place name Siddirgonj. In front of KCPU there is Government Cannel and 60’ (feet) road and under processing for 120’ (feet) expand. The building is 6 stairs with newly installed water treatment plant. The drinking water distribution is also 100% pure for the worker and for all. It launched its journey in 13 th October, 2003 at its own building. From that humble cocoon, with virtue of its futuristic enterprise, dedication to quality, commitment to excellence, keen focus on customer’s satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology, it rapidly metamorphosed into a large corporate entity, in its most modern sense, by 2010.


To achieve buyer’s requirement KCPU has installed the latest Digital Screen-printing Technology (DST) from Denmark, Oval Shape Digital Printing Machine (CNTOP) from China, Sublimation Transfer Print from Korea, Screen Engraver from Malaysia, Stone Motivator from Korea etc. along with the other printing facilities.


To do brakeless work KCPU has installed its own Electric Sub-station (Brand: AEG, Local) to make the power for nonstop production. This Sub-station can generate 500 KW power for its requirement.


Since its inception, KCPU has never stopped growing- in quality, quantity, capacity and everything in between. At present has a daily production capacity over 110 thousand pcs (only auto machine & manual glass table). The whole printing capacities include Digital, Sublimation, Sticker & stone motivate at the printing section page. In the way of the becoming a massive success story, KCPU has become one of the few elite printing houses in Bangladesh.

KCPU’S production is primarily focused on and controlled by the client’s specifications, requirements, and above all satisfaction. The ad buzzword- we listen to you until we think like you- are but a norm with us. To achieve that, continuous interaction and communication are maintained with the buyers from beginning to end for printing.

Around 800 people are now in the payroll of KCPU, the house has also contributed wealth as well as welfare to the struggling economy of Bangladesh. Here is an office at the 1 st floor with world class facilities and 56 numbers of officers with 83 staffs are working with excellence to achieve the buyer’s satisfaction.


Knit Concern Printing Unit is also one of the few elite private sector business groups in Bangladesh that maintains ILO standards in every aspect of human resource management. We ensure while recruiting and through in –house training that all its staffs are seamless in terms of education, skill awareness, and motivation. The gender ratio is quite balanced. It also doesn’t allow any child labor in any connection/stage of its operations.


A round the clock medical treatment facility, including physicians, trained nurses and medication is available to meet an emergency or accident.


There is a day care center with fully furnished and games equipment. For the babies care and feeding the guides are always standby.


Officer & Stuff list:
Officer : 56 persons
Staff : 83 persons


Worker List:
Male : 310 persons
Female : 340 persons

To add value in color KCPU has well-equipped and modern technologies with necessary equipment from film to screen development. Printing section has the ability to do all kinds of garments printing around the world. KCPU has five categories printing capacity like-


1. Digital Printing Technology

2. Sublimation Transfer Printing

3. Automatic Printing Machine

4. Manual Glass Table Printing.

5. Stone Motivator

6. Heat Seal Transfer Sticker Technology


# In the Digital Printing section there is two highly modern technology machine (Brand: CNTOP Origin: China) and the production capacity is 12,000 pcs (Size: A-4) per day. With this digital machine we can print any kind of fabrics.


# In the Sublimation Transfer printing section KCPU has 4 significant machine (Brand: DGI, Origin: Korea) and its production capacity is 1600 meter (Width: 1.8 meter) print per day. But sublimation transfer print has some limitation that it’s only possible on to the polyester fabric and PC (65%+35%).


# Heat Seal Transfer Sticker Section there is highly modern technology machines (Brand: Heidelberg Origin: Germany) and the production capacity is 15,000 pcs (Size: A-4) per day along with the attaching on fabrics.


With the Automatic machine & Manual Glass Table categories capacities are over 108,000 pcs (Chest print) per day per design and capable to print up-to 12 colors.


# In the Automatic Printing Machine section KCPU has 15 Automatic Printing Machines (Machine details at Machine Profile Section) which production capacity is 57,600 pcs (chest print) per day. The perfection of printing only can be possible with the automatic machines.


# In the Manual Printing Section there are Three Thousand Seven Hundred (3700) feet Textile Printing Glass table (Brand – CJI, Origin – China) and the production capacity is 50,400 pcs (chest print) per day. KCPU has newly installed a multi color (3 color) flock printing section with 3 pcs of excellent flock machines (Brand: FAS, Origin: Malaysia) and the production capacity is 7,000 pcs per day.


# In the Stone Motivator section KCPU has 1 mostly fast machine (Brand: AHJIN, Origin: Korea) with 3 colors stone motivated technology with production capacity 8,640 pcs (10” X 10”) per day.


 # In Development Section there we make the design with perfection and develop all the samples like a team work with merchandiser, designer, color master, sample technician all together and also, we do every work with the buyer’s comments.


# In the Exposing Section KCPU has not only the TRI Light exposing machine (Brand: M&R, Origin: USA) but also it has an Ultrajet Flat-bed Inkjet Engraver (Brand: A-Tex, Origin: Malaysia) to keep the very finer pixel design perfectly on the screen. Because KCPU knows how to achieve the buyer satisfaction for printing and exposing is the basic part for the printing quality, so it must have to be excellent. The Inkjet Engraver machine exposing capacity is 500 mm per second.


In house lab facilities of washing are well equipped to see the washing stability before production or development to achieve the best quality assurance.

SL Machine Name Brand origin Qty
1 Generator-01 (630 KVA) Volvo Penta UK 1 Pcs
2 Generator-02 (220 KVA) Olympian UK 1 Pcs
3 Screw Compressor Sanlione China 2 Pcs
4 Screw Compressor Puma koria 2 Pcs
5 Air Dryer Compressor Sanlione China 2 Pcs
6 Air Dryer Compressor Puma koria 2 Pcs
7 T5D10 Oval,Digital (24″x28″ 10 Station 10 Colours) CNTOP China 1 Pcs
8 D10 Oval,Digital (24″x28″ 6 Station 6 Colours) CNTOP China 1 Pcs
9 Digital Transfer Printing Machine (XEROX 5000) Xerox U S A 1 Pcs
10 Automatic Printing Machine (Sportsman EX 10 Colours Print Size 51×51 CM) M & R U S A 1 Pcs
11 Automatic Printing Machine (Challenger-2 18 Colours Print Size 50×70 CM) M & R U S A 2 Pcs
12 Automatic Printing Machine (Sportsman EX 12 Colours Print Size 51×51 CM) M & R U S A 6 Pcs
13 Automatic Printing Machine (ALPHA 8 20 Colours Print Size 80×110 CM) M & R U S A 1 Pcs
14 Automatic Printing Machine (Scorpion 20 Colours Print Size 50×70 CM) Sulfet Turkiye 1 Pcs
15 Performer EX (28″x40″ 12 Station 10 Colours) M & R U S A 1 Pcs
16 TAS (20″x28″ 16 Station 14 Colours) TAS Australia 1 Pcs
17 Textile Printing Table(Glass) CJI Chaina 1000 Feet
18 Textile Printing Table(Rexine) Local Bangladesh 1700 Feet
19 Dye Sublimation Laser Printer D G I Korea 4 Pcs
20 Manual Flock Machine 3Color FAS Malaysia 3 Pcs
21 Flock Machine (Manual Local) Local China 20 Pcs
22 Stone Motivator 3Color Ahjin Korea 1 Pcs
23 CNTOP Flash Cure CNTOP China 12 Pcs
24 Infrared Flash Cure (Cayenne D Quartz) M & R U S A 5 Pcs
25 Infrared Flash Cure (Red Chili) M & R U S A 30 Pcs
26 Automatic Quartz Flash Cure(AFQ-5070) TAS Australia 2 Pcs
27 Infrared Flash Cure (Reno Flash) M & R U S A 1 Pcs
28 Infrared Flash Cure (Habanero Flash) M & R U S A 1 Pcs
29 Plufix Gas Heated Textile Dryer Ansal Turkiye 5 Pcs
30 Textile Gas Dryer (Sprint 2000) M & R U S A 3 Pcs
31 Infra Dryer Machine Acos Graf Portugal 1 Pcs
32 Table Dryer Local China 20 Pcs
33 Hand Dryer Bosch China 30 Pcs
34 Heidelberg Offset Printing Machine 5 Color Heidelberg Germany 1 Pcs
35 Heidelberg Offset Printing Machine Cot Heidelberg Germany 1Pcs
36 Tri-Light Automatic Screen Exposure M & R USA 3 Pcs
37 Atex Ultrajet B1612E Flat Bed Inkjet Engraver Atex Malaysia 1 Pcs
38 Semi Automatic Star Print Acos Graf Portugal 2 Pcs
39 Manual Screen Print Unit Roll Print Acos Graf Portugal 5 Pcs
40 Manual Screen Print Unit M/Print Acos Graf Portugal 1 Pcs
41 2-Stations 6 plate Columbia Transfer Heat Press Acos Graf Portugal 1 Pcs
42 PTA 1200 Two Plate Heat Press Metalnox Brazil 2 Pcs
43 PTA 850 Two Plate Heat Press Metalnox Brazil 1 Pcs
44 PTA/PTS 700 Two Plate Heat Press Metalnox Brazil 1 Pcs
45 1-Stations Two Plate Transfer Heat Press N/A China 5 Pcs
46 Transfer Heat Press (Roller System) N/A China 2 Pcs
47 Steching Machine (Gruing-Inter Screen) GIC Sweden 1 Pcs
48 Steching Machine ACE China 2 Pcs
49 Paper Cutting Machine Plotter China 1 Pcs
50 Plotter Cutting Grafting Tables (CE6000-60) CE6000-60 China 2 Pcs
51 Leaser Cutting Machine Ahjin Korea 1 Pcs
52 Garment Attachment Finishing Machine Nisho China 3 Pcs
53 Electric Oven Local China 1 Pcs
54 Liderdryer Drying Cabin (Screen Dryer) Acos Graf Portugal 1 Pcs
55 Washing Unit For Screen Acos Graf Portugal 1 Pcs
56 Sub-Station AEG Local 1 Set